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  • Your Hospital Stay

    Your Hospital Stay

    What to Wear

    We recommend that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to the hospital. For maximum post-operative comfort, you may want to bring pajamas and a robe to wear on the ride home.


    Pre-registering for surgery should ensure that all tests are completed prior to your scheduled procedure. The day before surgery, check with your doctor that results have been duly received and confirm your appointment. Notify your doctor if there are any changes to your health status – such as contracting a fever or catching a cold – in the days before your surgery.

    Make transportation arrangements

    Please make arrangements for an adult to bring you to the hospital and accompany you home. Depending on the type of anesthesia your procedure requires, you may need assistance for 12–24 hours after arriving home. Please note that minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

    What if I need to cancel my surgery?

    In the event that you need to cancel your scheduled procedure, please contact your doctor’s office at your earliest convenience.

    Extended Hospital Stays

    We suggest you pack the following items for your hospital stay:

    • assistive devices (such as hearing aids, dentures, asthma inhalers, etc.)
    • comfortable clothing for the return home
    • deodorant
    • hairbrush
    • lotion
    • medications (we suggest that you bring with you the medications and supplements that you are currently taking)
    • reading material
    • robe and slippers
    • shampoo/conditioner
    • toothbrush and toothpaste

    For your return home

    Check with your physician for what food items and supplies you should have on hand for when you return home.