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  • Thoracic Spine Surgery

    Thoracic Spine Surgery

    At Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center’s, Center for Advanced Spinal Care, our world-class surgeons use some of the most advanced techniques and equipment to operate with precision and the utmost effectiveness. Specifically for thoracic spine surgery, our surgeons are giving patients a a new hope for the relief of their chronic back pain.

    Thoracic spine surgery is one of the most common types of spinal surgery, and is one of the areas of the back that is most affected by herniated discs, degenerative disc disease or injury. Thoracic spine surgery can help provide stability in the thoracic area of the spine, to keep the spine upright, maintain adequate spacing between different vertebrae and allow the flexibility to move in all directions.

    Under the care and supervision of the Center for Advanced Spinal Care, our surgeons can help patients overcome thoracic back pain through disc replacement or spinal fusion surgeries.

    Recovery from thoracic spine surgery is typically involves a one to two day stay in the hospital followed by bed rest at home. After a short period of recovery time, an aggressive rehabilitation plan supervised by a physical therapist is recommended in order to help the patient make a full recovery.

    For more information about thoracic spine surgery at the Center for Advanced Spinal Care, fill out the form located on the right side of the page and a representative will get in contact with you. Or for immediate assistance, please call: 1-888-777-5930.