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  • Stomach Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

    Stomach Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

    Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center is one of the country’s leading stomach sleeve gastrectomy centers in California, earning the Bariatric Center of Excellence recognition by Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Our expert trained surgeons have vast experience performing stomach sleeve surgery and are recognized both regionally and nationally as experts in their field.

    Stomach sleeve surgery, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, is the future of bariatric surgery. Performed laparoscopically, stomach sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a weight loss surgery that removes upwards of 80 percent of the patient’s stomach creating a “sleeve” or tube. With the stomach reduced in size it does not have the volume to absorb nearly as much food as before the surgery.

    Restricting the food intake into the stomach also reduces the hormones in the patient’s body that produce the craving for food. Without this craving, patients consume fewer calories and start to drop weight. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, patients can experience rapid weight loss, especially within the first 12 months.

    The differences between a stomach sleeve gastrectomy surgery and other forms or surgical weight loss is that much of the stomach remains intact after the surgery, preserving its functions, but greatly reducing the volume of food that it is able to hold. Our stomach sleeve surgeons do not create a bypass of the intestines like other bariatric surgery procedures; they only reduce the stomach’s capacity.

    For more information about laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery, contact a representative at Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center today by filling out the form to the free contact form on the right. Or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation with a doctor immediately call 1-877-877-1107.