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  • Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Gardens Regional Hospital and Medical Center formerly doing business as Tri-City Regional Medical Center is a Bariatric Center of Excellence located in Hawaiian Gardens, California that specializes in single incision gastric sleeve and single incision vertical gastric sleeve surgery.  Single incision surgery differs from typical laparoscopic sleeve surgery in the way that surgeons perform the procedure.

    Typical laparoscopic sleeve surgery involves numerous small incisions to allow passage of the surgical instruments into the stomach.  With a single incision surgery, the surgeon is able to make just one incision, often less than 1-inch, in the belly button to successfully hide much of the scarring that may occur.

    It is important to note though that the single incision refers to only the operating incision, as a second incision is typically made to ensure that the liver is out of the way and that the surgeon has ample room to perform the surgery safely.

    With single-incision gastric sleeve surgery, patients experience rapid and significant weight loss similar to gastric bands or gastric bypass surgery.  During a single-incision gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach volume is dramatically reduced compared to the original size, leaving the patient with a smaller stomach that is not capable of consuming the same portion sizes.  This process is called gastric reduction (feeling full with less amounts of food), as it preserves the function of the stomach without allowing it to absorb the same volume of food as before.

    This single-incision or “scarless” surgery is the preferred method of surgery for those individuals who care about the aesthetic look of their body after the surgery.  Single-incision gastric sleeve surgery is not possible for all patients though, so it is important to discuss this procedure in advance during your consultation.

    Actual recovery time following a single incision gastric sleeve or single incision vertical gastric sleeve surgery may vary, but generally is shorter or the same-length as non-single incision surgeries.

    The advantage of the single incision sleeve gastrectomy is the cosmetic difference of not having multiple incisions and scars, and not needing to cut through the stomach muscle to perform the procedure.

    If you are interested in speaking with one of our world-class single-incision gastric sleeve surgeons then contact a Gardens Regional Hospital and Medical Center formerly doing business as Tri-City Regional Medical Center representative using the contact form on the right and a representative will get in touch with you to schedule a consultation