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  • Patient Testimonials

    Testimonial #1

    smiling-senior“I am writing this letter of commendation on behalf of Alfredo M., a nursing assistant (CAN) at Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens.

    On Monday, August 6, my father underwent an endoscopy at Tri-City.  The first person to greet him was Alfredo. He was kind and upbeat and very careful with my father, who arrived in a wheelchair. Alfredo took my father to the lab area where blood was drawn, and then took him to the outpatient area where my dad was prepped for procedure.

    Alfredo was incredibly kin and reassuring to my mother and me during the entire process, and he took every step to ensure my father’s comfort. He has a very endearing way of addressing his older patients, calling my father “Papacito,” which resulted in a very trusting and safe experience for all of us.

    After the endoscopy, my father was release. Unfortunately, only four days later, he was admitted to the Emergency Room at Tri-City. When the EMT’s and paramedics asked what hospital  wanted them to take my father, I immediately remembered the warmth with which Alfredo and the other nurses treated my dad and asked he be taken to Tri-City. I assumed that my father would receive that kind and caring treatment during a much more difficult time.

    My father was treated quite well by the other nurses and the people in the ER. Although Alfredo wasn’t ever assigned to my father, we remembered him fondly and were pleased that so many of the nurses who did treat my dad appeared to share the same compassion and commitment that Alfredo showed.

    About a week and a half after my father was admitted, we happened to pass Alfredo in the parking lot. I said hello, and he immediately recognized us and asked how “mr. Fojo” was doing (he remembered his name without any prompting). I filled him in, and he made it a point to visit my father in his room several times to say hello and offer support. During one visit, he brought a stuffed animal and a card. My mother was terribly touched by his kindness.

    Alfredo was surprised that I had remembered him. He joked that he hoped it was for good reasons. I assured him that it was and his kindness prompted me to bring my dad back to that hospital for more care. My father spent 37 days at Tri-City. He was moved to a nursing home after that. Alfredo called to inquire about my father’s well-being. Unfortunately, my father passed away on October 5. Alfredo attended his funeral.

    I wish all healthcare workers were like Alfredo. He truly CARED for my father and for us, and continues to do so, even today.”

    -Olga H.


    Testimonial #2

    file851332343852“I am writing this letter to express my deepest appreciation for the efforts of your Patient Service Representative, Lorena. This letter is long overdue. Unfortunately, I had post-operative complications making I difficult for me to attend to my responsibilities in a timely manner.

    Lorena made it possible for my mother to be with me every day during my extended hospital stay at Tri-City. She arranged for a car to pick up my mother at the motel at which she stayed. That fact brought great comfort to me in the midst of a difficult time.

    -Cheryl F.


    Testimonial #3

    happy-senior“I accompanied my mom when she had an outpatient procedure for a worker’s comp claim. They chose the hospital, which we were apprehensive about at first. This definitely isn’t the newest hospital, but the nurses were first-rate. The registration clerk was very friendly and chatted with us about the hospital as she escorted us to the appropriate room.

    There was a major miscommunication (on my mom’s doctor’s end) so she thought she was going to get an epidural while awake and that she couldn’t have some sort of pain/anxiety meds before it. The patient liaison was extremely kind and immediately went to figure out what was happening and came back with an answer in just a few minutes. She also went back to the prep area and talked with my mom to make sure she was ok. So I wasn’t expecting her to come back as quickly as she did. There were four of us in the surgical OR and a nurse (Alfredo) came in twice to check on us. He brought us water, coffee and Oreos, then came back with sandwiches fresh from the cafeteria and juice! When’s the last time a hospital gave your visitors a free lunch? The sandwiches (turkey, tuna or ham) were surprisingly good. The awesome nursing continued a s my mom was j brought to the recovery area. One nurse came to check her vitals and hung around to chat since they were slow. She brought my mom lunch and again offered my grandma and I some lunch or drinks. We were blown away by the hospitality of the nursing staff! My mom received excellent care. Don’t let the exterior fool you. It doesn’t look like much but the nurses inside are so worth it!

    -Marissa G.


    Testimonial #4

    Doctor Speaking with Patient“My wife recently underwent a bariatric procedure at Tri-City, and after reading some of the reviews here on Yelp, we were a little hesitant about coming here. However, it did come highly recommended by the surgeons doing the procedure, and the fact that Tri-City is a bariatric center of excellence was enough to convince us to give it a shot. While we each had a completely different take on the hospital, we both agreed that the staff at Tri-City are extremely helpful and efficient and helped make the entire experience a good one. I was extremely impressed with most of the nursing staff. Almost everyone tried to put both of us at ease and make us feel welcome. Regardleess of the position, the security guards put it o me as I was walking around, “While your family is here, this is your hospital too!”

    -Adam B.


    Testimonial #5

    “My father had back surgery at your hospital recently I was so please and he was with the service. Excellent day shift staff! Everyone was so kind to my dad which helped with his recovery. I am glad my dad had this surgery here. Thank you so much for great health care with a smile!”

    -The N Family


    Testimonial #6

    “Bravo and Congratulations! We want to thank you and all your staff for making us feel welcome, comfortable and well taken care of while my daughter was hospitalized for surgery. Everyone we encountered went out of their way for us and all of our needs were met. It was a wonderful extra to be allowed to spend the night in her room on a hospital provided cot!

    Speak thanks to the following people; Joy, Jay, Julie, Daisy, Zenny, Iris, Manny, Mayra, Mariel, Fatima, May, Maria (housekeeping) and Lorena.”

    -Catalina R.


    Testimonial #7

    doctor2“This is my personal review of Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center. I am a young man 32 years of age and had an unfortunate injury while at work. This is where workers comp had sent me for surgery.

    No one is thrilled to have surgery, but I actually had been looking forward to it since I had been in so much pain for months leading up to my surgery date. I was there bright and early and just like everyone else that goes into a hospital and isn’t in cardiac arrest I had to wait. The wait was fine. I had a private room where I waited in a clean bed. The nursing staff had made me extremely comfortable by placing me in a gown along with about 10 blankets to keep my entire body warm. Smiles and caring words were spoken to ease my nerves.

    It was in this room I was introduced to the Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center skilled liaison Lorena Rodriguez. It was evident and clear why she was chosen for this position as my stay in the hospital continued. She is an all-around amazing asset to the hospital. She has strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. Simply put she is a rock star, or maybe it was just her job to make me feel like one.

    Just before my “knife party” aka surgery I prayed with Jesse Flowers my surgical nurse. She is so sweet and I thank God he paired that angel with me. Days after my surgery she was checking up on me in room 314. She is so cool, I will pray for her and her family for years to come.

    I stayed at the hospital for 6 days. Yikes :) I did not want to leave at the end but had too. I want to thank each and everyone who played a part in my recovery process. They are all amazing.

    Would I do it again….only if I had to and only at Tri-City Medical Center :)

    -Jason M. (Dana Point)