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  • Herniated Disc Surgery

    Herniated Disc Surgery

    A herniation in a spinal disc is a result of the cushioning between the vertebra’s in the spine being pressed out of their usual position, and the problem with this is that this often puts excess pressure on the spinal nerves which cause pain and can potentially require herniated disc surgery.

    Herniated discs can often arise suddenly as the result of a fall or trauma to that area. In other cases, it may gradually appear due to repetitive straining of the area around the spinal cord. Herniated disc surgery typically stems from trying to reduce pain in the patient. A herniated disc may also cause a lack of mobility or the feeling of constant weakness in the shoulders, arms or lower extremities. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose if herniated disc surgery is right for you, and which type of surgery is best.

    If you are experiencing pain as a result of a herniated disc and are interested in speaking with a Center for Advanced Spine Care doctor in Hawaiian Gardens, California regarding possible surgery, fill out the form on the right hand side of the page and a representative will get in contact with you to schedule a consultation.