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  • Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

    Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

    Cervical artificial disc surgery is a joint replacement surgical procedure which involves inserting an artificial disc into a patient’s cervical intervertebral space, replacing the patient’s natural cervical disc.

    Cervical disc replacement surgery is one of the most common types of artificial  disc replacement surgery because the cervical discs act as shock absorbers between the bones of the neck, and through degeneration or trauma these discs can be a source of severe pain. When a cervical disc becomes herniated the pain can often start spontaneously and can include shooting pains down the arms. Pain associated with a herniated cervical disc can also include numbness and tingling down into the fingertips as well as muscle weakness.

    After scheduling a consultation of the Center for Advanced Spinal Care in Hawaiian Gardens, California, our world-class disc replacement surgeons will help to diagnose whether artificial cervical disc replacement surgery will be needed.

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