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  • Bulging Disc Surgery

    Bulging Disc Surgery

    Surgery is typically the last alternative that is recommended for issues deal with a bulging disc, however, if pain does not secede than bulging disc surgery may be the last resort.

    Bulging discs may occur in the back or spin and can cause severe pain. This condition is generally the result of a degeneration in the disc from trauma or wear and tear on the body. Once a disc has been damaged, it can rub against or pinch the nerves in the spine which can trigger immense pain.

    If have have neck pain or have been diagnosed with a bulging disc and require surgery, then contact the Center for Advanced Spinal Care at Gardens Regional Hospital & Medical Center dba Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens, California. Our doctors are world-class surgeons who specialize in different types of back and spine surgery.

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